Help us to make Australia’s water supply Fluoride free

Our primary goal is for the removal of Toxic Fluoride from the the Australian water supply. We are everyday Australians, and alongside informed dental and health professionals, we oppose water fluoridation due to its harmful health effects. We assert that fluoridation, which doesn’t reduce dental decay, is particularly damaging to developing brains and violates individuals’ right to consent to medical treatments.

Our anti-fluoride campaign urges the water supply authorities (sometimes Local councils ) to halt water fluoridation by challenging them to provide a doctor who can attest to its safety, backed by evidence. No such doctor exists despite overwhelming proof of its harm, especially to children. The accompanying document, which you see below, plus “Facts from published articles,” offers evidence of health damage, and an enclosed invoice of $250,000 represents annual compensation for consuming unsafe medicated water.

If you get your $250,000.00, I’m sorry. That means we have failed, and you still have fluoride in your water.

“We gratefully acknowledge Romley Stewart, whose scheme, similar to this one, achieved significant success in Cairns, North Queensland. For more insights from Romley, visit “Justinian Deception Part 1 and “Justinian Deception” Part 2 on Rumble and on Youtube Part 1 and Part 2

I know you’re busy, so I’ll get to the point. I want to give you an overview of joining this Anti-Fluoride campaign.

Note: If you prefer the instructions in a voice audio file please click on the play triangle icon directly below.

  1. Download the three letters marked Lettter one, Letter two, and Letter three below, then save them to your computer and open them in your favourite word processor ready for the next step. Complete letter one to the CEO of your Water Authority be it a local council or a water supply company. The water authority that bills you for water is sometimes your council, except in large cities, such as Sydney, where Sydney Water is the company concerned and not the council. Search for the CEO. Direct these letters personally to the CEO—for example, Mr Tim Baker, Gold Coast City Council.
  2. The Council Search Links below may help find the CEO’s name and address. Refer to your last water bill or research this yourself..
  3. Complete letter one with all details shown in red.
  4. Delete the instructions at the top of the letter in red and change all the red text to black.
  5. Print letter one 3 times, one for posting and the other two for copies.
  6. Post letter one using registered mail.
  7. Retain proof of service that may be needed in the future. If fluoridation has not ceased, follow the procedure above and complete the second letter two weeks after posting letter one. Two weeks later, complete and post the third letter, an invoice for $250,000.00.
  8.  Post all three letters two weeks apart. 
If fluoridation has not ceased, you will be in the box seat to sue the CEO personally for $250,000.00.
  9. Download the “Facts from published articles”, print it and post it with letter one. Please read it, too; your case is strong.
  10. Proudly spread the word to your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter (X), Instagram, etc., and email as many friends and relatives as possible.
  11. NOTE: Step 10 is crucial to making this campaign successful and please remember to make copies of each document you post out for your own records.

Letter one
Letter of demand

Letter two
Tacit acquiescence

Letter three

Council Search links:-  NOTE. Please search for the water supply authority that serves you. Refer to your most recent water bill.

The fluoridation of NT water supplies is the responsibility of the Power and Water Corporation.

“For future follow-up, please retain the registered mail receipt for your correspondence and consider video documentation if you choose personal service. If letters are delivered in person to the council, request a stamped copy as proof of service. If you succeed in halting fluoridation, please share your achievement on social media and email us. We will take pride in witnessing the success of this campaign.”

Email to:
Please include “toxic fluoride” in subject line.

The English Lancet medical journal – Muddying the waters: fluoride in drinking water

The Lancet medical journal article: Muddying the waters: fluoride in drinking water

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This article is a reprint. It was originally published October 14, 2017.

Huffpost Harvard Study confirms fluoride reduces children’s IQ

Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children’s IQ

Welcome To Our Toxic Fluoride You Tube Channel

If you have any doubts as to whether Fluoride is safe or not, here are bags as delivered to your local water supplier.

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