Help us to make Australia’s water supply Fluoride free

Our primary goal is for the removal of Toxic Fluoride from the the Australian water supply. We are everyday Australians, and alongside informed dental and health professionals, we oppose water fluoridation due to its harmful health effects. We assert that fluoridation, which doesn’t reduce dental decay, is particularly damaging to developing brains and violates individuals’ right to consent to medical treatments.

Our anti-fluoride campaign urges the water supply authorities (sometimes Local councils ) to halt water fluoridation by challenging them to provide a doctor who can attest to its safety, backed by evidence. No such doctor exists despite overwhelming proof of its harm, especially to children. The accompanying document, which you see below, plus “Facts from published articles,” offers evidence of health damage, and an enclosed invoice of $250,000 represents annual compensation for consuming unsafe medicated water.

If you get your $250,000.00, I’m sorry. That means we have failed, and you still have fluoride in your water.

“We gratefully acknowledge Romley Stewart, whose scheme, similar to this one, achieved significant success in Cairns, North Queensland. For more insights from Romley, visit “Justinian Deception Part 1 and “Justinian Deception” Part 2 on Rumble and on Youtube Part 1 and Part 2
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